The uses of AI & animation to present a spectacular dance extravaganza for the very first time

December 29, 2023

Crestar School of Dance (CSD) for the first-time incorporated AI and animation into its annual dance concert on 19 November 2023, and what a spectacular show it turned out to be!

Aptly, the dance production was called “Future Me…”, a celebration of the passion, dreams, aspiration for success, and growing up experiences which many young people are familiar with.

One of the animation scenes of Cresty and her friend, Stacey discussing about their holiday assignment – “What we aspire to do when we grow up?”

The story was about how Cresty, a young and inquisitive girl, journeyed through a series of exploration on prospective careers/ occupations for herself in the future. It had four scenes, each portraying Cresty’s imagined careers such as flight stewardess, models, pilot and confectioner/ bakers and their emotional impact on her.

Merry Bakers Performance: Showcasing one of the occupations – Confectioners/ Bakers

Wings of Grace Performance: Showcasing the occupation – Air Stewardesses

Glamour Glimpses Performance: Showcasing the occupation – Models

K-pop Magic performance featuring Kpop Dance

Her inspiring journey was narrated using an Artificial Intelligence-generated voiceover against a backdrop of colourful animated scenes accompanied by entrancing music. The entire concert was seamless without the interruption of a physical emcee.

One of the animated scenes with Cresty in her room doing her assignment before school reopen.

Over 200 Crestar students, aged 4 to 18 years old,  captivated the audience of more than 550 invited guests.  They swayed, leaped, twirled and pirouetted through about 20 acts of spectacular performances, showcasing the skills they had learned from Crestar School of Dance.

The youngest performers were four years old, whom performed in the item “I Will Be Brave” at the start of Cresty’s career exploration.

“I Will Be Brave” performance with the youngest dancers

The extravaganza was the culmination of months of practice by students from CSD schools in Hougang, Jurong East, Marine Parade and Woodlands Civic Centre. The concert was held at the University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore.

“Future Me” serves as a poignant reminder that the journey of self-discovery is an integral part of every human experience, which was beautifully brought to life through the universal language of dance.

Ballerina/ Dancer is one of the careers which Cresty has great interest in.

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