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Talent Development: Crestar School of Dance

The Scholarship (Crestar Young Talent) Programme gathers talented students and put them through intensive training to become star performers in their field.

The programme aims to stretch able students with a customised curriculum that targets their learning needs and goes beyond the vocabulary (content) of the examination syllabi. Students will learn flexibly by executing combinations taught to them instantaneously. These combinations are adapted frequently to challenge them continually.

Students will be schooled to become thinking dancers capable of proactive learning, demonstrating good etiquette and a strong sense of discipline and commitment. In tandem with the development of strong foundational technique, students will be well poised to pursue dance at higher levels and in more specialised settings.

Programme Benefits
Students on the Scholarship (Crestar Young Talent) Programme will enjoy a suite of privileges that includes:

  • Dedicated training to develop advanced dance skills set
  • Special coaching sessions
  • Widened exposure to multiple dance genres
  • Increased opportunity to join regional and international dance competitions
    • such as the Asian Grand Prix (Singapore), International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore, Get the Beat Final and the Hong Kong Challenge Cup competition
  • Priority access to exchange trips, master classes, workshops and supplementary courses
  • Up to 100% scholarship award for current Crestar students

Programme Structure
The programme consists of 40 training classes over 4 Crestar school terms.
Students will be placed into Petite, Junior or Senior level based on their age and capability.

The programme covers technique development with a focus on classical ballet. Other dance genres and styles such as modern jazz, contemporary, lyrical and demi-character will also be covered in the repertoire of skills that are critical for competition and performances.

Our Students’


Students from Crestar School of Dance have achieved extraordinary results at various local and international competitions. Here’s a list of the most recent awards and scholarships received by our students since 2019.

Asian Grand Prix 2020

Annabel Eva Shaharudin Bronze
Annabel Eva Shaharudin 10% BIP Scholarship
Emily Hewell Merit

International Ballet Grand Prix Singapore 2020

Laraine Low 3rd Prize, Junior 2 – Ballet
Laraine Low 100% Summer School Scholarship
Emily Hewell 50% Scholarship for IBGCPS 2021
Ong Teri 50% Scholarship for IBGCPS 2021

Hong Kong Cup Challenge 2019

Annabel Eva Shaharudin Gold, Ballet Solo 10-12 Years Old
Annabel Eva Shaharudin Silver, Lyrical Solo 10-12 Years Old
Emily Hewell Gold, Lyrical Solo 7-9 Years Old
Emily Hewell Bronze, Ballet Solo 7-9 Years Old
Darlene Low Gold, Ballet Solo 10-12 Years Old
Valerie Quek Zi Yi Gold, Contemporary 16-19 Years Old
Valerie Quek Zi Yi Gold, Ballet Solo 16-19 Years Old
Du Xiaoyu, Teri Ong, Annabel Eva Shaharudin, Laraine Leow, Tanya Depak Chugani, Tricia Leong, Andrea Loo, Tessa Wong, Quek En Ting, Darlane Low, Meng Xiao Han, Emily Hewell, Valerie Quek Silver, Troupe 13-19 Years Old

Get the Beat 2019

Annabel Eva Shaharudin 2nd Place, Acro Solo 10&U
Charlotte Teh 4th Place, Demi Character Solo 8&U
Darlene Low 5th Place, Ballet Solo 10&U
Emily Hewell 4th Place, Ballet Solo 8&U
Emily Hewell 5th Place, Lyrical Solo 8&U
Emily Hewell, Annabel Eva Shaharudin, Rhea Basra 2nd, Duo/Trio 10&U Any Styles

Get the Beat Finals (Bangkok) 2019

Annabel Eva Shaharudin 2nd Place, Acrobatics 10&U
Annabel Eva Shaharudin Double Platinum, Ballet Solo 10&U
Charlotte Teh Runner Up, Open Solo 8&U
Charlotte Teh Double Platinum, Ballet Solo 8&U
Darlene Low Platinum, Open Solo 10&U
Darlene Low Diamond, Ballet Solo 10&U

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