Helping Junior Deal with Exam Stress

September 26, 2018

For many children, examinations are a nightmare as they fear that they will disappoint their parents and be ostracised by their peers if they do badly. Faced with such pressure, stress has become increasingly common amongst young children, often resulting in them beginning to lie, bully, or defy authority.

Despite this, exams are part and parcel of every child’s life, and we can only help them cope, hoping it’s enough for them to thrive when the time comes. Here are some ways you can make sure your child does just that.

Study smart, and eat right

Communicate with your child and find out what you can do to help them to learn things more effectively. This simple step could involve helping them to make colourful, topic related notes or simply getting them to recall verbally what they have learnt.

This will help them feel more confident about themselves and their knowledge, thereby lessening the stress of grappling with the content they need to know, and motivating them to perform better.

Another way to tackle the stress your child may be experiencing is to watch their diet. Keep refined sugar intake to a minimum because it can cause energy highs and lows, thereby worsening your child’s mood, affecting his ability to learn and retain information. This will lead to him feeling stressed and unmotivated.

Have realistic expectations

Parents naturally want their children to do well in exams, which is completely natural. However, you should try to have realistic expectations and avoid becoming another source of pressure.

Most kids place enough pressure upon themselves and any additional pressure from mum and dad can end up being damaging. Instead, reassure them of your love and support no matter what the outcome.

Enrichment classes may sometimes cause the added pressure of a gruelling academic workload. However, if your child has an interest in picking up an instrument, or a knack for the theatrics, you should encourage them to pursue it because it may help them unwind and destress.

You can always sign them up for a trial class at Crestar School of Dance, Crestar Learning Centre or Chinese Bridge Language School to see if they want to commit to actual lessons.

Switch it up

Most parents restrict their children from watching television, using the Internet, or hanging out with friends whenever exams draw near. However, a child’s need for social interaction and recreation should be taken seriously.

Having your children mull over textbooks and assessments for long periods of time will hinder them from focusing, and retaining information. Work with your children to create a holistic schedule, setting time aside for rest and play so that they can recharge.

Exercise, and activities like yoga and mindfulness can also relieve stress and help aid sleep, which is a vital component in ensuring your child is well rested and able to focus especially during exam time.

Most importantly, encourage them throughout this crucial period and emphasise that this is not the be-all and end-all for them.

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