Jolanta Miskinyte

A ballet enthusiast since her early childhood, Jolanta Miskinyte began her professional ballet training at the Ciurlonis Arts Academy (Lithuania) at the age of 10. After 8 years of rigorous training, she graduated with the Order of Leningrad under former USSR regime. She further completed Advanced Ballet & Choreography from the Vilnius Choreographic Academy.

After performing as a lead dancer in the internationally acclaimed Bolshoi Ballet, she married a Singaporean in 1991 and is now a permanent resident of Singapore. Jolanta joined Crestar as a trainer in 2009 after teaching for more than 10 years. With her passion for the arts, and being a mother to 3 children, Jolanta is well equipped to coach and impart her experience to young boys and girls aspiring to become artists and performers in the graceful art of Ballet.