Crestar programmes offer “diverse pathways of success”

March 29, 2023

The government has continued to tweak the education system, reducing the emphasis on grade performance and highlighting the importance of skills and individual strengths.  It aims to “celebrates diverse pathways of success”.

This means children have the opportunity to develop their individual needs and strengths, which includes enhancing their creativity, inventiveness and character.

Crestar Learning Centre has been delivering effective and beneficial enrichment programmes over the last 45 years to help the young boost their critical thinking skills, curiosity, imagination and confidence.

It has a range of programmes such as art, dance and speech and drama that helps spark creativity in children and enhance their potential in whatever they do. All of them offer fun activities that allow for individual exploration of creativity and development of their passion.

Pop Art – A unique art form that focuses on ‘real’ and relevant subject matter. Being observant and creative often goes hand in hand


Our programme is specially-designed for playful exploration that helps children to connect naturally to the world around them and try to make sense of it. Using contemporary art to complement the traditional approach, we make art more interesting and raise the passion for creativity. We also use non-traditional mediums like metal sheets, wires and acrylic to ignite children’s imagination and inventiveness, while at the same time refining their motor skills. Our lessons immerse them in creating their own masterpieces while experiencing decision-making, problem-solving and critical thinking naturally.

Introducing age appropriate movements and body posture to develop creativity and physical coordination.


Dance is not just about body movement. It’s about sparking the brain with imagination and skills to express bodily movement as an art form. Our programme helps to boost children’s communication abilities, problem- solving techniques, and creative and critical thinking skills along with kinesthetic abilities. Highly trained teachers identify each individual’s physical and mental strength and tailor lessons to meet their development. Close mentorship throughout the dance journey ensures that every child achieves their learning outcome to the best of their ability.

A simple ‘ball-throwing’ activity to let the children’s imagination run wild.

Speech & Drama

Research has shown that drama can highly enhance the young’s social-emotional domain, which is very important for success in life. Our Speech & Drama programme uses out-of-the-box approach to stimulate the imagination, enhance language skills and promote clear communication. Our trained specialists expose the children to various forms of acting, music, dancing, and public speaking using topics they love. Drama ensures that children learn about the world and themselves through creativity and imagination. Close tutelage from our trainers helps children to interact confidently, express-present themselves creatively, and enhance their personality development.

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