A Basic Guide to Learning from Home

June 11, 2021

The new norm: Learning from home.

With the Covid-19 pandemic safety measures extended, many students have started attending virtual lessons, otherwise known as Home-Based Learning.

While most seem to have settled comfortably into the virtual learning zone, many may miss the physical presence of their school friends. There may be some students who continue to struggle with virtual learning experience for various reasons. Difficulties could include the lack of proper digital device, reliable wifi connection or a conducive home environment.

Getting the best out of your HBL experience
The following is a basic guide maximising every Home-Based Learning experience. Successful learning depends on each individual, discipline and their home circumstances, and (if necessary) parental guidance.

#1: Avoid distractions.  It is advisable to ensure there is no clashing demand on your time during the lesson, such as the need to do something else at the same time.

#2: Arrange to have a proper meal or snack before study time. This is to ensure you do not have to eat or snack during the study session.

#3: Find or create a comfortable & conducive environment. Arrange for a well-lit study desk away from distractions and noise.

#4: Use a comfortable chair, so that you do not have to keeping adjusting your posture during the lesson. It will also help to avoid hurting your neck or back.

#5: Set up your digital device at least 10 minutes before scheduled time. Log in early. Check to ensure that the video image is clear and the audio level is set at a comfortable level. Mute your audio throughout the lesson, and use the microphone only during the Q&A session.

#6: Stay focused and attentive to the teacher. When the lesson starts, sit upright comfortably and face the screen.

#7: Avoid doing other things such as texting or emailing during the lesson. Do keep mobile devices away from the study desk.

#8: Do not use the platform’s chat function unnecessarily to message others in the class. If you have any question, “Raise” your hand and unmute to speak ONLY after the teacher has given the permission to do so.

#9: Pause occasionally to take a break (after every 30 or 45 minutes period). Stand up and stretch/flex your limbs.

#10: If you need to have someone to sit beside you during the lesson, such as your parent or older sibling, do so only when necessary. Avoid unnecessary side talks and distractions.

#11: If you have any difficulty adjusting to home-based learning, please contact your teacher or the principal for advice.

#12: Remember to Review & Reflect on what you have learned during the lesson before the end of the day. If necessary, prepare your questions to seek clarification from your teacher the next day on anything you are unsure of.

#13: If you are unable log in for (or “attend”) the lesson, please notify your teacher early and request for a recording or reschedule, if allowed.

Safety Measures To Continue
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